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Copywriting for Creatives

Stop stressing over sentence structure and leave the alliteration to me.

Why do creatives love working with me? I'm a balance of strategy and intuition. Within 15 minutes of talking with me, you'll be thinking about your brand, ideal client, and business in a whole new way.

Yes, it has happened that fast.

Don't worry, I wanted to be a Broadway actress for years, I'll get into character so your copy sounds like you - without your hands touching a keyboard.

(plus I'm always down for karaoke)

this is what i need!

Services to Meet Your Copywriting Needs

You’re looking for someone who can listen to your creative (somewhat scattered) mind explain your business and distill it into clear, compelling copy that summarizes everything about who you are and what makes you great. Congratulations, you found her.

View Brand Building Services

Brand Building Services

The last time you ran a went fine. But now you’re ready to bring in a pro and make your next promotion your most profitable one yet. You’re tired of DIY-ing your copy and getting average results. You want high conversions, happy clients, and half the stress of doing it on your own. Let’s get started.

View Sales Funnel Services

Sales Funnel Services

Entire website redo? New product launch? Need a professional's eye editing your words before you hit publish? I got you.

Have some copy you’re not in love with, but still not ready to throw out? Get a pro’s eye on your words! I’ll comb through them “fixer upper” style - gotta love demo day - and leave you with brand equity you can take to the bank.

investment: starting at $395

Copy Editing Services

*Heads up: If you’re booking one session, we can cover an about page, landing page, or a few emails. Looking for more editing than that? Choose the 3 session pack or an entire editing day!

book it!

But don't just take my word for it.

sweet words from past copywriting clients


Working with Rebekah was such a good experience. I was feeling very disjointed with my message and especially with the presentation of the message. I had multiple "about" pages that "told my story" but really I just had one big mess. Rebekah was able to sift through everything and create something new and concise that still sounded like me and represented my values. In speaking to her I felt clear and focused and I'm happy with the result of her work as it allows my ideas to come across much better. 

- Danielle Spurge, The Merriweather Council

You're really amazing. This isn't even in your realm and you're totally getting it. You're bringing tears to my eyes!

- Lisa Dahlen, Lisa Dahlen Designs

When we were looking for a content and blog manager, we never thought we’d end up with as amazing a writer as Rebekah. The girl knew nothing about the jewelry industry, but quickly picked up the lingo, learned my voice, and discovered how to solve jewelry business problems like an industry insider. Rebekah manages all content on our blog, podcast, emails, and programs. She collaborates with me on a daily basis and takes my ideas and turns them into tangible lessons.

- Tracy Matthews, Flourish & Thrive Academy

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