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As your coach, it’s my job to get to the heart of what’s really going on. I’m here to challenge you and support you with tools to build your confidence. You’re entering a judgement-free zone where I ask questions (it gets personal), listen to your struggles, and give advice and tips for you to practice before our next meeting.

01. How does coaching work?

No, I’m not a licensed therapist or counselor. My experience comes from personally overcoming low confidence and negative body image using methods I created for myself after leaving a toxic relationship with a narcissist. Since then, I’ve independently researched low confidence and body image issues from top psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists. If you’re currently struggling with an eating disorder, I recommend finding a licensed therapist to help you.

02. Are you a therapist?

No, The Body Confidence Podcast covers general topics of body image and self esteem. When you join The Mindfulness Method Program, you get two monthly sessions with me one-on-one. I tailor my advice to your unique situation and goals. What works for one person will not work for another. Plus, I help you stick with it. The accountability and motivation is key.

03. Can’t I get the same info from your podcast?

I do not offer refunds on completed sessions. If you’d like to cancel your program before it’s completed, I do offer partial refunds.

04. What if I want a refund?

Since I am not a medical professional, I do not accept health insurance. Some women find it helpful that our sessions stay off their medical record.

05. Do you accept insurance?

Depending on my availability we can meet within a few days or weeks. You can always email me directly.

06. How soon can I book a session?



Your Frequently Asked *Coaching Questions...

... Answered.

I am! Since my services are designed to give you 1:1 personalized attention, I can only work with a few people each quarter. Book your project with me ASAP if you want to get a spot!

01. Are you booking new clients?

I have a bachelor’s in economics, political science, and philosophy and take my practical training and education seriously. I regularly invest in trainings by industry experts (people who do this for a living) including Laura Belgray, Kimra Luna, Tai Lopez, Andre Chaperone, and Marie Forleo. I’m certified in both copywriting mastery and search marketing mastery (SEO) by Digital Marketer. I’m a loyal follower, reader, and supporter of the one and only, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk.

02. What experience do you have?

My timelines can be as aggressive as you are, but I usually have everything delivered in 4-weeks. The sooner you review and approve the copy I write, the sooner it can be published. Be open about your deadlines up front and I’ll let you know how realistic it is for me to hit them.

03. How long does it take?

Just a few hours per week to read, edit, and approve the copy I send you. Easy peasy.

04. How much time do I need to dedicate to this project?

You have a clearly defined ideal customer avatar, you have services or products ready to sell, and you have the technical set up to “plug in” all the copy I’m going to write. You’ve done promotions before and now you’re ready to focus on scale, profits, and conversions. 

05. How do I know I’m ready to hire a copywriter?

You’re just getting started in your business and you’re not sure who your ideal customer is. You have some ideas for products/services...but you haven’t created them yet. The reason you’re not ready is because without a clear vision of WHO you serve, HOW you help them, and the RESULTS they can expect from working with you...there’s very little copy strategy to work with. You’re better off grabbing your copywriting "goodie bag" and bootstrapping it until you’re ready to bring in a pro (you’ll get there!)

06. How do I know I’m NOT ready to hire a copywriter?

Your Frequently Asked *Copywriting Questions...

... Answered.



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