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Feel at Home in Your Body.

I help perfectionists become the most confident version of themselves - without shakes, surgery, or skin treatments. If you're ready to treat your body with kindness instead of criticism, I'm the coach you didn't know you needed.

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It's Time to Conquer Your Inner Critic

...and tell your imposter syndrome to suck it

✘  Going back and forth between diets and "fitness" routines, trying to get in shape but feeling worse and worse about yourself in the process.

✘ Compulsively stalking your ex on Facebook even though you feel super crazy doing it...because you don't even want to be with him.

✘ Convinced something's wrong with you because you get compliments a lot...but no matter how you look, you find something to criticize.

✘ Afraid your partner will stop loving you if you start being yourself, or if you act a certain way or change,

✘ Afraid to be seen without makeup because you feel like if you don't look your best, people will think you've "let yourself go"

✘ Doubting if you'll ever feel happy with yourself - because nothing seems to make you feel good anymore.

Let me guess, right now you're...

✓ Stepping out of the shower doesn't hurl you down a path of self criticism and shame because you're okay with how you look even if you're not the thinnest you've ever been.

✓ You honestly don't care what other people think about you because you love things about yourself that aren't appearance based.

✓ Nothing makes you feel threatened in your relationship - in fact, you're so confident in yourself, you know even if your relationship ends, you'll find someone even better.

✓ Past relationships don't stir up anger, anxiety, or comparison because you've let go of regrets and trust things end for a reason.

✓ You don't waste more than a few minutes of energy on self critical thoughts.

Imagine a day where...

I know what it feels like to pretend nothing bothers you, but inside you're actually falling apart.

Choose Confidence Over Criticism

with the mindfulness method

I'm Rebekah Storm

I believe the greatest victory for feminism is conquering the inner critic holding you back from the life you're meant to live. But erasing criticism and comparison from your thoughts? Easier said than done, right?

When I graduated from college, I left a toxic relationship. He was the only person who made me believe I was ugly, insecure, and unable to do anything of significance.

It wasn't until a few months went by that I realized just how badly my body image and confidence were destroyed. I didn't recognize myself and knew I had to figure this out.

Fast forward a few years later and I'm engaged to the HOTTEST man I've ever met - and I never feel jealous or insecure about our relationship.

I eat whatever I want without worrying about calories, macros, or points (I do avoid dairy, however, because it makes me break out)

And between not giving a shit about what people think of me and focusing all my energy on the things that truly matter to me (like my dogs, my business, and my family) - my life is pretty amazing!

Do you think you're really that different from me? I don't.

The only difference is that I figured out how to make peace with my imperfect body and you haven't just yet.

But that's going to change because I created The Mindfulness Method so you can stop avoiding your insecurities and become the person you KNOW you're meant to be.

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body confidence coach for perfectionists

i was sick of letting other people control how I felt about myself...

...when I knew i was so much more than my physical body

Sound familiar? I'm sure that's why you're here

What is The Mindfulness Method?

I developed The Mindfulness Method after a toxic relationship tore apart my body confidence.

This method helped me create a better relationship with my body and see value in myself beyond the way I looked.

The Mindfulness Method has 4 phases: Discover, Release, Rebuild, and Renew.

We point out what's really causing your insecurities and criticism.

Then, develop tools and practices so you can handle those critical thoughts in a healthy way instead of letting them control the rest of your day.

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Two Ways to Transform Your Confidence

using my signature method

✓ Open to sharing, but you're more introverted and careful about who you pour your heart out to.

✓ Looking for healthy solutions to big issues that are causing problems in your relationships, career, and even every day happiness.

✓ Done taking your frustrations out on everyone else when you know deep down you're causing this tension, but you just don't know how to stop it.

✓ Ready to find real answers to questions you've been asking yourself for years about why you never feel like you deserve the things you want.

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You're totally...

✓ Looking for proven tools and strategies to add to your existing body confidence practice so you can keep going in a good direction.

✓ A self - starter who doesn't need motivation or support from an expert to finish what you started.

✓ Intuitive and connected with yourself. If someone gives you a strategy or idea, you can apply it to your situation without insight from others.

✓ Ready to do the inner work yourself and commit to the process with support from a group of women going through it with you, rather than private support directly from Rebekah.

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You're more like...

I developed The Mindfulness Method to give you EVERYTHING you need to figure out why you're so hard on yourself and break free from self criticism.

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