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No matter what your relationship status is right now, you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day! Here’s my thing: The only people who don’t like Valentine’s Day are the ones with high expectations that never get met so they act super salty about it and pretend not to like nice things. You’re telling me you don’t […]

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Emotions are a powerful tool you can use to boost your confidence. People think being emotional is a negative or uncontrollable quality in women. It really doesn’t have to be. When you learn how to understand and support your emotional health using emotional intelligence, you can harness the positive power of your feelings. That might […]

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It’s possible to create health in your life without having an all or nothing mentality. So many “body rules” are based on conflicting messages. If you eat a salad, people make fun of you, but if you eat a burger and fries you might feel self conscious for eating “unhealthy” food. You really can’t win […]

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‘Do what makes you happy’ is really lazy advice. Happiness isn’t a goal you should be working towards. It’s a fleeting feeling that comes and goes throughout the day. There’s a difference between doing what makes you happy and doing what makes you feel good. It’s the difference between longterm and short term satisfaction. Happiness […]

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There has to be better ways to think about your health besides your weight. With all the different factors that influence your weight each day, it’s not a very good way to measure your health. So why do we obsess over weight loss all the time? Our culture focuses so much on losing weight, we […]

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Moms give to everyone else first and if they have anything left over, they can take scraps for themselves. I really don’t like this burden we put on motherhood. This is why you need to keep building your self worth after becoming a mom. Being a mom is a huge part of your identity, but […]

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If there’s one thing women struggle with more than body confidence, it’s how to end something without feeling guilty. We are conditioned to say yes to everyone and everything. Saying no in the beginning is hard, but what’s even harder is saying no after giving it your best effort. The craziest part about it is […]

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Being single is a really great way to explore exactly who you are. When you’re ready to find a committed partner, online dating isn’t usually people’s first choice. I think it’s changing a bit as people realize how useful the internet is for literally everything else. But when you make the decision to sign up…what’s […]

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The simplest way to change the direction of your life is to accept where you are now. We are so good at pretending like everything is okay and things aren’t as bad as we think, but you need to get real if you want things to change. It takes confidence to look inside and validate […]

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If you want more happiness in your life, you have to stop waiting. We see commercials and hear people talk about what’s coming next. The big new thing. Maybe it’s a new job or a new house. You could be waiting to get married or get a promotion in order to start feeling happy and […]

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