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It’s not easy to start liking your body when you’re hyper-focused on your appearance. The best way to get started is actually by thinking of your body as a tool rather than a project. There’s a saying that goes like this, “your body is not a work of art, your body is the paint brush. […]

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What is diet culture? It’s everywhere and once you start seeing it, it’s almost impossible to stop. Diet culture is the idea that in order to be happy and healthy, everyone has to look a certain way. This $66 billion dollar industry thrives on convincing people it’s their fault if the product (aka diets, exercise […]

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Each time Taylor Swift releases a music video, she shows us a new side of the woman she’s becoming. There are hidden messages only her die hard fans will pick up on, there’s something for people to absolutely hate, and essentially she’s a genius at keeping the spotlight on her work. Her release of “Delicate” […]

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Let’s get one thing straight. I’ve never been overweight. Never has a doctor advised me to lose weight or go on a certain diet. Well, except that time my dermatologist told me to stop eating dairy. It was the wonderful, delicious cause of my cystic acne. Regardless, weight has never been my body image issue. […]

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So you’re saying, “me too,” and I’m not surprised. Pretty much every woman I know can say the same, whether or not they’re willing to admit what they experienced was harassment or assault. After centuries of women powerlessly tolerating this behavior, finally there’s traction building in the US justice system. We might be heading towards […]

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What influences body image is different for everyone. One factor might weigh more heavily for you than for me. However, there are certain social influences that impact how all women feel about the way they look. Surprisingly, your body image and the way your body looks are often unrelated. While many fitness ads and voices […]

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For the launch of my body image website (this website, welcome), I hired a professional branding service. If you’re anything like me, you hate admitting you aren’t good at something. You see everything as a challenge – a way to improve and show your value as a team member, friend, or even a romantic partner. […]

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