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Stop comparing yourself and focus on what matters.

Whether it’s words on your website or thoughts in your head, your mindset impacts every part of your life. It’s time to choose confidence over insecurity, which is where I come in.

I’m Rebekah Storm, a copywriter and body confidence coach who helps successful women let go of perfectionism, feel at peace in their body, and finally take credit for their accomplishments by overcoming self-doubt.

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• Knows I shouldn't compare myself to other people, but it's really hard and I'm not sure how to do it.

• Wants to have the confidence to put myself out there more in situations at work, in relationships, and even just speaking up when the waiter brings me the wrong drink order.

• Doesn't want to believe this is just "who I am" and I'll be stuck dealing with this forever...there has to be a different way.

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I'm a woman who...

• Has a laundry list of writing projects I know I “should” get done, but I literally don't have the motivation to sit down and write.

• Can’t get my personality to come across in my writing, it’s either way too stuffy or way too sassy - just doesn’t sound like me. 

• Wants to hand this off to someone who knows what they’re doing - so I can get back to running my business. 

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I'm a creative who...

How Did I Get Started?

Late one Friday morning, I read an email from my boss, I blinked in surprise at the words on my phone screen. They terminated my position - only a few weeks after hiring me. One week after I bought my first house. Within minutes, I went from being a successful, home owning adult to an unemployed 23 year old girl who couldn’t pay her mortgage.

So I promised myself I’d never work for a company that didn’t value me enough to at least give a heads up that things aren’t going as expected.

I had a background in sales, so I decided to dig in and work for myself. I researched everything I could about online business and discovered this thing called copywriting.

“Oh my gosh," I thought to myself, "I can get paid to write stuff.” and got to work.

After bootstrapping for a few months, investing in trainings, and writing for free...I finally had consistent income and a career that rewarded me for being creative! Not only that, people kept telling me how great of a writer I was. 

Just proving - you never know what the silver lining of your stormcloud might be.

Glad you asked.

When most people think about confidence - they think it's a personality trait. Either you have it or you don't. I used to think I was naturally confident, until an ex boyfriend trained my inner voice to criticize, compare, and doubt myself. 

This can happen to anyone, even if you look successful and happy on the outside, I know there can be a battle going on in your mind. What if instead of fighting, I thought, I decided to surrender?

I don't mean surrender as in, totally give up on myself or let myself go.

Surrender in the sense that I realize I'm playing a rigged game - and I quit. 

You can read my full story here.

After I realized no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't please everyone - not all at once.

I didn't have to play by the rules of a game rigged in favor of diets and douche bags trying to change who I was to make me smaller (literally & figuratively). After working through those old beliefs, I was able to rebuild the confidence and mental strength I’d lost.

Now, I help other women find their inner confidence and become who they know they're meant to be. Not someone who settles for what life hands them, someone who sends it back because you ordered filet mignon, not meatloaf.

Life changes that quickly.

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