You Were Born to Be Confident.

let's get back to your roots.

Your body isn't to blame, those negative thoughts in your head didn't come from you. Someone trained your default to doubt-mode. 

Now you're ready to figure out HOW to challenge those insecure voices that question your every move and wonder, "am I enough?"

I’m Rebekah, I believe God made you on purpose, for a purpose - that includes your talents and unique physical traits!

but what you really want to know is...

Um, yeah.

When you're an attractive woman, people only see you as beautiful. Since I was 14 the majority of compliments and recognition I got from people was based on the way I looked. So, naturally I started building my self worth and identity around my beauty. I believed the more others found me attractive, the more valuable I was. This makes you super insecure, btw, because you're constantly wondering how you measure up against other women, people's expectations, and society's changing standards.

so, what changed?

After leaving a toxic relationship, I realized no matter how "perfect" I was - I was never going to meet everyone's expectations, because beauty, success, and even happiness is subjective. So instead of trying to meet other people's expectations of me, or even my own, I turned to meet the standards my Creator has for me.

The bible says I am fearfully and wonderfully made, in the image of God. How can I hate, criticize, or not love things about a body made in His image? I found the truth God shares about my worth, beauty, and value as one of His children - and found peace, joy, and unshakable confidence in that.

Have I Ever Struggled with Insecurity?

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i can't leave the house without:

Making my bed!

when i order starbucks, I get a:

grande soy chai, no water, no foam

the hardest thing i've ever done is:

Run a marathon

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What a Feelin' - Flashdance

for me, confidence looks like:

No makeup selfies

Answer Me This...

who are You?

• Knows I'm more than the way I look, but I'm struggling to take my thoughts captive and truly believe what God says about my worth.

• Wants to stop feeling self conscious all the time and live at peace in my body without comparing myself to others or worrying what they think.

• Believes God has a purpose for my life, but it's so hard not to fall into the trap of comparison and never feeling good enough. 

that's so me, coach me please!

I'm a woman of faith who...

• Has big dreams that sometimes scare me. I know I'm on my way there, but I don't have the strategy to get my launches to the next level.

• Wants to take my existing launch copy and breathe new life into it so the conversions are higher and my clients are better.

• Loves my business, but I need support from a pro so my launches feel sustainable and I'm not working 24/7 for 8 weeks straight.

that's so me, write for me please!

I'm a creative who...

Beauty is a wonderful thing, and feeling beautiful is very important for women, but it is not everything. The trouble comes when we put beauty above everything.  No one can reach narrow beauty standards. Instead of focusing your energy on fitting an impossible mold, I want to give women permission to feel beautiful and realize they are MORE than just that.

01. does beauty even matter?

I do not believe in intentional weight loss. My "body goal" is health, first and foremost. When you love something, you take care of it. When we stop trying to change the way our bodies look, we can focus on caring for our bodies. That includes healthy movement and nourishment. I trust that God designed my body to know what it needs, all I have to do is listen to it. The Mindfulness Method I developed for practicing body confidence trains you to examine your thoughts, instincts, and cravings and respond to them from a position of care.

02. is weight loss bad?

I'm not going to lie to you. The definition of perfect is "without flaw" and every human has flaws. Here's the thing, though, you don't need to be perfect to be worthy. You don't need to be flawless to be enough. You were created on purpose, for a purpose. Striving for perfection is not that purpose - no matter what the skin care commercials tell you.

03. are women perfect just the way they are?

Insecurity comes from believing our worth comes from other people's approval.  My worth comes from the fact God didn't make extra people. He created me on purpose, for a purpose.

04. where does our worth come from?

Body confidence is feeling at peace within your body no matter what. It's the acceptance of flaws and the rejection of the pursuit of perfection. It's a lifelong practice, not a destination.

05. what is body confidence?

Everyone is attractive to someone. No one is attractive to everyone. It's subjective. When we stop trying to convince people of our worthiness, we become much more attractive.

06. is everyone attractive?

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