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I'm Rebekah, I help women get their self worth in Christ so they can show up confidently in their career and have deeper relationships.

Some people believe confidence is a personality trait, either you have it or you don't. I'm not one of those people, and soon - you won't be either.

but your inner mean girl "can't sit with us" anymore.

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What Do I Do?

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Copywriting for Creatives

Side effects of using my sales copy during your next launch include: non-drowsy email subscribers, frequent celebration, and potential loss of self doubt. In high doses, you may experience severe cash flow.

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Body Confidence Coaching

It's hard to stop chasing perfection when the target keeps moving. I help women get their self worth and identity in the consistent love of Christ so they can show up confidently in their career, end the war with their body, and have deeper relationships.

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