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Conquer Your Inner Critic

We grew up believing success erases insecurities. But now that you've "made it" you're struggling with imposter syndrome, never feeling good enough, and convincing yourself no one like you has this problem. 

You're not alone. I help ambitious women build self confidence, overcome comparison, and enjoy life beyond their body.

I'm Rebekah, a copywriter and body confidence coach.

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Copywriting for Creatives

You’re sick of pulling your hair out trying to find the right words for your brand. You wanna be taken seriously, without sounding like a yellowing corporate memo from 1964. I can bring out your personality and still be professional.

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Body Confidence Coaching

Still believing the lie that beautiful women aren't allowed to feel insecure? When you get your value from your appearance, you will always question if you're enough. I can help rewire your thoughts to be confident instead of critical - in every area of life.

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The Body Confidence Podcast

realness, humor, and #allthethings about loving your body.

Straight from the Heart


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7 Things to Remember When You Start Comparing Your Body

17 Practical Ways to Start Liking Your Body 

What Does it Mean to Have Body Confidence?

The Real Causes of Negative Body Image 

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